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Why the M8 set?

Introducing the Precise M8, our newest golf club set designed and crafted for high-performance. Engineered with the newest game enhancement technologies, including a brand new kevlar shaft material (K-G Lite™), these clubs offer comfort to beginners while enhancing gameplay of advanced players. This full set ensures you're ready to hit the course from day one.

Featuring a large 460cc head (largest head approved by the USGA), the M8 driver is designed to maximize driving distance and forgiveness. The driver and woods boast our exclusively-formulated kevlar graphite shafts, an innovative shaft material that is lightweight, yet durable, to optimize distance and accuracy.

Our cavity back irons are engineered for forgiveness, minimizing the impact of mishits. The wide sole design facilitates clean shots for various situations. And with ladies flex K-G Lite™ kevlar graphite shafts, expect consistent performance and a uniform swing throughout the set. The same attention to detail extends to our wedges – our M8 set comes equipped with a sand wedge.

Transitioning to the green, our putter is meticulously configured with aiming lines and optimal balance, ensuring a dependable stroke when it matters most.

What is included?

We aim to provide golf clubs that exceed all players expectations - this means you have options.

  • Right Handed
  • Petite (5’4” and below) and Regular Size

Each set of M8’s comes with:

  • 12° Driver (460cc)
  • #3 Fairway Wood
  • #4 Hybrid Wood
  • #6 thru #9 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter
  • Lightweight Walking Golf Bag + Bag Hood
  • 3 Club Head Covers

Product Specifications

Name Loft Regular Size Length Lie
Driver 12 44" 58
3-Wood 15 42.25" 59
4-Hybrid 24 38.25" 61
6-Iron 30.5 36.5" 62
7-Iron 34 36" 62.5
8-Iron 38 35.5" 63
9-Iron 42 35" 63.5
PW 46 34.5" 64
SW 54 34.25" 64
Putter 3 34" 72

About Precise Golf

Precise Golf has been providing standout equipment since 1987 and is well known in the industry for providing top tier construction golf clubs and accompanying golf equipment. We were one of the first equipment manufacturers that created golf club sets specifically for Ladies.

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