Aspire Golf Platinum Laser Rangefinder with Slope - Capture Distance To Tee Accurately

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  • PREMIUM PRODUCT: The Aspire Platinum S Laser Rangefinder is a premium product, with 6x magnification, an overall Range Distance of 1000 yards, a Target/Pin-Range of 450 yards, and includes both Slope AND Vibration Alert.
  • SLOPE MODE: The Aspire Platinum laser rangefinder gives you the actual distance with slope compensation, adjusting for any upwards or downwards elevation in terrain. This golf rangefinder has the option to turn Slope On and turn Slope Off.
  • PIN SEEK / TARGET LOCK / VIBRATION ALERT: The advanced software technology in the Aspire Platinum golf rangefinder allows you to find the flag or lock in a target with immediate vibrational feedback. The vibration alert is instant.
  • HIGH SPEED SCAN MODE: The Aspire laser rangefinder comes with High Speed Scan Mode, which allows you to scan distances seamlessly. There is no delay in getting your distance readings. The scan happens instantaneously and continuously.
  • COMPLETE GOLF RANGEFINDER PACKAGE: Complete laser golf rangefinder package, including premium carrying case, CR2 battery, microfiber cleaning cloth, and quick start instruction manual with all the information you need. Everything you need is included in the package.


The Aspire Platinum S laser rangefinder uses the most advanced software technology and is fast and highly accurate. The Noise Filtration helps the rangefinder block out other objects in the surrounding environment and only focus on your target. The scan speed is unbeatable, with the distance reading showing up instantly and seamlessly. This rangefinder is IPX5 water-resistant, has the ability to turn Slope On or Slope Off, and comes in a complete package, including a premium carrying case, CR2 battery, microfiber cleaning cloth and instruction manual for easy setup!

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