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Why the PRO-X set?

The Aspire PRO-X golf clubs are our first limited run Ladies collection. We have elevated our most popular models with this exclusive release that features brand new design and technology to make it easier than ever to play your best.

PRO-X’s are a complete golf club set that is engineered for ease of use that is comfortable for beginners and skillfully constructed to enhance advanced players' experience. This is a dependable and affordable set that is designed for golfers of all skill levels.

PRO-X’s are a total package that allows you to confidently walk onto the golf course the day they arrive. These stylish clubs come in numerous color and size options.

Your driver and fairway woods come with durable graphite shafts. Each shaft is constructed with thin layers of carbon fiber that provide a lightweight feel and strong finish with every swing. The driver has a 460cc head (largest head approved by the USGA) that can be used in all sanctioned tournaments.

Pairing the graphite shafts with our proprietary club head design allows you to maximize ball distance and encourages a straight flight path.

Our cavity back irons are designed with a generous offset to be forgiving on mishits. The wide soul design promotes a variety of precision shots. The irons also feature durable graphite shafts that give a consistent light feel and easy swing throughout the entire set. The same thought and care has been integrated in our wedges.

Once you get to the green, the putter has been configured with a built in alignment system that provides a reliable stroke.

What’s included?

We aim to provide golf clubs that exceed all players expectations - this means you have options.

  • Right Handed
  • Petite (5’4” and below) and Regular Size

Each set of PRO-X’s come with:

  • 12° Driver (460cc)
  • #3 Wood
  • #4 - #5 Hybrid Woods
  • #7 - #9 Irons
  • Sand Wedge & Pitching Wedge
  • Putter
  • Deluxe Walking Golf Bag + Bag Hood
  • 4x Matching Club Head Covers

Product Specifications

Name Loft Regular Size Length Lie
Driver 12 44" 58
3-Wood 16 42.25" 59
4-Hybrid 24 38.25" 60
5-Hybrid 27 37.75" 61
7-Iron 31 36" 63
8-Iron 35 35.5" 63.5
9-Iron 40 35" 64
PW 45 34.5" 64.5
PW 55 34.25" 65
Putter 3 34" 72


About Precise Golf

Precise Golf has been providing standout equipment since 1987 and is well known in the industry for providing top tier construction golf clubs and accompanying golf equipment. We were one of the first equipment manufacturers that created golf club sets specifically for Ladies.

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